Reflexology Foot Treatment

Reflexology for health

Edward Kaler, M.Sc., C.R.C., C.R.

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor


Reflexology can be performed on anyone. Everyone from children to great-grandparents can benefit from regular treatments. Reflexology is a health practice which encourages us to care for ourselves in more natural, life-affirming ways, and it supports the need for gentle human contact, which is so vital to our health and well-being.

Reflexology is a master body of knowledge onto itself. It is not the same as massage therapy. It is a complementary, biological, and integrative health service. It is not a belief, but a highly specialized body of knowledge. Reflexology, as it's known today, is a science and healing art based upon the rationale that there are reflex areas, or specific points (nerve endings) which are embedded in the feet, hands, and ears and connect all areas of the body through the spinal cord. These points have corresponding glands and organs which are responsive to stimulus. When a focused signal is given to the brain by pressing on a specific reflex point, currents are released into the connecting nerve pathways, activating a particular organ, energy field, and body system.

When illness or imbalance occurs in the body, the corresponding "energy channels" become blocked. Reflexology aims to destroy these blocks, allowing the energy to flow freely again, so as to restore the body's natural balance, and hence good health. The focus is to re-educate, re-pattern and re-condition nerve instruction via the reflex, neural/electrical system of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically self-correct. The body is highly intelligent and does have a remarkable, reliable, built-in, self-correcting system, which supports reflexology as a health field which is grounded in scientific principles.

Reflexology stimulates a flow of energy (Chi -- life force energy) and nerve impulses in the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system through the use of various pressure, massage, and relaxation techniques involving the thumbs, fingers, knuckles, and other parts of the hands which provide steady, or alternating movements. In other words a wave of force is transmitted along nerves that have been stimulated to move heat and energy to an associated area of the body.

This causes organs and glands to contract and relax, which in turn moves congested blood, body fluids, nutrients, hormones, and oxygen so as to restore normal circulation, leading to more efficient elimination of toxins. This then establishes equilibrium, and promotes beneficial energy flow. A balanced and well circulated organism will ensure a healthy immune system and facilitate prevention of dis-ease.

As an example, applying pressure in the webs between the toes encourages an opening and clearing of neural pathways which lead to 100's of lymph nodes in the body. Generally the lymph nodes clean infectious particles and prevent them from passing into the bloodstream. When the lymph reflex areas are stimulated by acupressure the lymph nodes are assisted in cleaning themselves more efficiently and fighting infections.

Reflexology is a Holistic approach which is non-invasive, safe, and effective. The hands and feet are windows to the body, emotions, and spirit, and open up wondrous paths to health and glowing energy. Reflexology revitalizes everyone’s energy in different ways depending upon what the body and spirit need. Similar to how one may crave particular foods/nutrients that the body seems to be lacking.

A Reflexologist will not make any medical diagnosis, and reflexology does not replace medical opinions and tests. Once a dis-ease or illness is recognized by oneself or a doctor then reflexology can be a very useful adjunct to maintaining one’s health. Reflexology does not oppose the Allopathic or germ theory of disease that proposes that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases. However, most physicians continue to treat physical symptoms rather than the whole person. Through a lifetime of utilizing many different healing sciences I have found it useful to use an eclectic mix of healing treatments which work well for me. As such we all choose what we think and feel are the better healing paths for ourselves. As “modern” medical practices evolved many were highly controversial when first proposed, however many of them are now a cornerstone of “Western” medicine, just as Holistic practices have come into their own in the ‘bodies and spirits’ of many of the world’s cultures.

Mind-body-spirit unity is essential for more personal harmony. This unity of all aspects of ourselves offers the kind of transformative insight that promotes self-awareness -- the lack of which is at the root of much of the stress that chronically debilitates health and prepares the ground for dis-ease. There is a physiological component (the way that our bodies and mind function) that is linked to our cultural and environmental practices, which is so important to understand in order to take an active role in our overall health.

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