Edward Kaler

Reflexology for health

Edward Kaler, M.Sc., C.R.C., C.R.

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Edward Kaler, M. Sc., C.R.C., C.R.
Reflexology For Health
Chicopee, Massachusetts
Email Address: EdKaler1@gmail.com

I belong to the Hands On Trades Association, Inc. I’m fully insured with both general liability (physical and property) and professional liability coverage.


Each reflexology treatment is 50 minutes per session at the Reflexology for Health studio.

Reflexology fees are $50.

All new clients will be given a 25% discount for the first session ($37.50 per session). Additionally, clients will be able to purchase at any time a non-refundable 4 session prepaid package plan for a discount of 25% ($150 total, $37.50 per session).

Insurance coverage for Reflexology is only just beginning in the United States, so most likely your insurance will not cover your treatment at this time. However, depending on the regulations for preventive care, individuals who have either a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) may be able to use their plan for Reflexology. Clients have used these accounts in the past with me. Since these plans can vary, one should look into the specifics of their plan for permitted coverage benefits and specifically ask if Reflexology is covered for preventive care. Sometimes but not always a doctor’s note submitted to the HSA or FSA may be required.

Referral Reward

Refer a friend or family member to Reflexology For Health. Your friend or family member will receive the new client fee discount (see above). After your friend's first visit you will receive $10.00 off your next session. Referral rewards may be accumulated and used together.


Payment may be by cash, check or credit card.


Reflexology For Health values the health of all customers and I agree to maintain your scheduled appointment. However, if you need to cancel please email me. I will also contact you as soon as possible if I need to cancel. Together we will find a new appointment time.

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