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Edward Kaler, M.Sc., C.R.C., C.R.

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

With the growing awareness of the detrimental effects of allopathic drugs, the percentage of people returning to holistic and complementary therapies has started to increase. Unlike allopathic treatment, holistic and complementary therapies aim to deal with the cause and not the manifested symptom. This is frequently an alien concept which some people find difficult to work with. But, unless the cause is found and eradicated, it will continue to manifest as a physical and/or emotional symptom. One way of helping the person to locate the cause is through a combination of reflexology, counseling and color therapy. Through the Reflexology For Health methodologies one may discover that diagnosis and treatment by holistic and/or allopathic Doctors of Medicine may be quite useful.

We, as human beings, are beings of light, surrounded and interpenetrated by the colors which constitute visible light. This establishes the electromagnetic field or aura surrounding us. The aura contains layers, all of which interpenetrate with each other and the physical body. It is filled with constantly changing colors, determined by our state of health, (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

The layer closest to the physical body is known as the etheric sheath and is the blueprint for the physical body. It contains the seven (7) very fine energy channels through which pranic energy (life-sustaining energy) flows. This network of infinitely intricate energy channels is the counterpart of the entire nervous system.

As well as containing the (7) physical body chakra energy channels, the full etheric sheath contains an additional fourteen (14) chakras or energy centers which are higher light octaves and assist us to open up to our multidimensional selves. The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy which are centers of force located within our etheric bodies through which we receive, transform, transmit, and process our life energies. Disease starts in the aura as accumulated energy. If this is not dispersed, it will eventually manifest as a physical disease or emotional distress.

Because the feet and the hands present a mirror image of the physical body, they reflect the auric field around themselves. The chakras can also be located along the spinal reflex on both feet and hands. Although the chakras work mainly with the endocrine glands, they also have an effect on organs, muscles and bones which lie in their pathway. Each color contains within itself its own spectrum of color. Therefore the parts of the body related to a specific chakra will vibrate to a frequency contained within the spectrum of color of that chakra.

When combining color with reflexology, color is used for three conditions. The first is to work with the cause, the second to help keep the body in balance and the third to work with the manifested dis-ease. Sometimes all three conditions are treated with color during a therapy session. At other times only one or maybe two of the conditions are worked with.

Each of the seven (7) physical body chakras represents a definite set of desires that correspond to a particular element (up to the fifth chakra). Although it is not helpful for one to cultivate desires which lead us to stay “stuck” in an “unhealthy” physical or spiritual discord, there is every reason to live a fulfilled and satisfied life. Otherwise one will be inevitably drawn back to the desires that one is trying so hard to avoid. The understanding of the seven chakras offers a way to balance one’s desires and lead a happier and more sustaining physical and spiritual life.

By raising the physical life force energy in the 1st or Root Chakra through all seven (7) physical body chakras to the Crown Chakra we move beyond the elements and achieve the non-dual consciousness that brings liberation from the ever-changing world of illusion.

The following lists some basic attributes of the seven (7) physical body chakras. Please bear in mind that chakra’s and their colors are variously interpreted depending upon the spiritual tradition.

1st Chakra –
Root – Red – Element Earth
Base of Spine – Reproductive
Grounding the divine essence, physical survival, sexual, perception of reality through the senses.

2nd Chakra –
Sacral – Orange – Element Water
Lower Abdomen – Systems of elimination and assimilation
Family and Social relationships. Feelings create constantly changing behavior.

3rd Chakra –
Solar Plexus – Yellow – Element Fire
Naval Area – Digestive – Mental / Intellectual energy and personal power.
Motivated by the desire for identification, recognition (ego), and better living conditions.

4th Chakra –
Heart – Green or Pink – Element Air
Chest Area – Immune System – Love and Compassion
Devotion and self-confidence are the motivating forces as one strives to achieve balance on all levels. Plane of Sanctity – The experience of sanctity originates in the fourth chakra’s ability of perceiving the divine in all existence.
A person that vibrates in this state of being moves beyond the Divine as an abstract concept, reaching it on the level of experience. Experiencing and demonstrating the Divine presence in every part of daily life becomes the main desire. Such a person is naturally attracted to temples and other places of sacredness.

5th Chakra –
Throat – Blue – Element Akasha (Ether Like-Breath of the Divine)
Throat Area – Thyroid – Higher creativity, recognizing needs and feelings, and giving voice to them.
Akasha emanates the power of spirit to harmonize the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

6th Chakra –
Brow/Inner Eye – Indigo or White – All Elements Combined -- Mahatattva - in which all elements are present in pure essence (cosmic mind).
Forehead just above eyebrows – Pituitary – Intuitive, introspection, inward spiritual focus.
All duality ceases. There is no observed and no observer. A balance is established between the male and the female, which is neither female nor male.

7th Chakra –
Crown – Violet or Gold -- No Element (The Divine Within)
Top middle of head – Pineal
Spiritual quest priority, oriented to divine order, and creative imagination.

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