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Edward Kaler, M.Sc., C.R.C., C.R.

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor


Reflexology is more than a hand or foot massage. It is a total and holistic approach to treating all the organs and systems in the body in addition to the hands and feet themselves, and to counteracting the stresses and strains of our daily life. It is an effective drug-free way of helping the body to heal itself.

  1. Re-Vitalizes personal energy by cleaning the body of toxins, clearing nerve pathways, and removing congested body fluids through improved blood circulation and metabolism;

  2. Breaks up sodium urate crystals and calcium deposits which may collect around the terminal reflex nerve points in the hands and feet, and in and around body joints;

  3. Is an aid to renew strength and fortitude by relieving fatigue, reducing stress and tension, and promoting deep relaxation;

  4. Helps re-balance and harmonize body, mind, and spirit by normalizing organ and gland functions;

  5. Harmonizes the chakra energy fields and thus influences the healing of the physical body.

For Foot Reflexology:

After sitting in the recliner chair you will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks and clean your feet with a sanitary pre-moistened wet wipe. Then you will be asked to place your feet on a footstool which will have a covering of a soft towel.

For Hand Reflexology:

You will be asked to clean your hands with a sanitary pre-moistened wet wipe, and then place your arms on padded arm rests.


Various pressure techniques will be applied to your feet using thumbs, fingers, knuckles, and palms of the hand, providing steady and alternating movements to stimulate a flow of nerve impulses through the nervous system and energy meridians of the body. The pressure will be gentle to medium depending upon the sensitivities of the individual, and a top quality massage oil will be used which will sooth and soften the skin. As I work with my hands on your various reflex points I use my heart center, using visualization to support, sustain, and nurture your treatment.

While your hands or feet are being treated you may choose to listen to soothing and relaxing music playing in the background. You may have your choice of water, herbal teas, or another beverage during the session. You may chat, remain quiet, or gently drop off to a slight slumber. Questions and comments about the treatment are encouraged at any time. You will leave the Reflexology session feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and filled with a gentle peaceful feeling.


Please trim your finger and toe nails before any treatments.

For your health and safety please do not attempt a Reflexology Treatment if you have cuts, sores, bruises, broken bones, sprains to ligaments, strains (muscular tears), diseases, or anything else which may cause further damage to your hands or feet.




Stress is the effect of your body fighting to maintain its balance. When you are under stress your body does its best to bring your system back into equilibrium. It does this through secreting hormones and enzymes into your bloodstream in an effort to counteract the effects of stress. The adrenal glands must produce an excess of corticoids to maintain life in a stressful situation. The resulting hormone excess itself has consequences to our health. It is recognized that flooding the system with any hormone will create dis-ease in the body. When the thyroid gland secretes too much of its hormones, the metabolism is accelerated unnecessarily. When the pituitary gland secretes large amounts of its hormone STH, gigantism results. When the adrenaline medulla secretes an excess of its adrenalines, your pulse will quicken and your blood pressure will rise. The trouble starts when our system is under stress for a prolonged period of time. So many of us live our lives in constant pressure on the job, at home, and in our daily commutes. This prolonged stress causes our bodies to secrete hormones and enzymes continually, having immense negative effects on our health.

These adverse effects are mirrored in our feet, hands, and ears long before they become apparent in the rest of our body, and will show up on the hands, feet, and ears as reflexes that are tender and painful in the course of a reflexology session. Stress cues help alert the Reflexologist to stress patterns that can occur locally (at the spot), regionally, and generally throughout the body. Understanding these reflexes allows a Reflexologist to detect problems early in their development, long before they lead to serious illness. With an awareness of what is happening in the body, a person can make choices and change habits to help alleviate the negative effects of stress in their lives. In discovering problems in our hands, feet, and ears long before they become serious in the rest of our body we are able to take more control over our own health and health care.

Stress-Related Diseases:

The following is a short listing of some of the more common diseases that have been linked to stress:
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Skin Reactions
  • Peptic Ulcers
  • TMJ (Jaw pain)
  • Neck, Back, Arm, Leg, Hand and Foot Aches
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears

Pain Control, Environmental Concerns, and Serious Diseases

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Reflexology can be helpful with many acute and chronic conditions. Here are some examples:


Whether due to a trauma, injury or something that has been nagging you for years such as headaches, migraines, and TMJ. Pain can be reduced through the process of deep breathing and stimulation of the pituitary gland and solar plexus to release endorphins. Additionally, Sciatic pain can be reduced when acupressure is applied to the leg reflex points.


Caused by seasonal pollens, dust and mold, animals and foods. Body pollution by way of a contaminated environment can be filtered more efficiently through the lymph glands when stimulated.


Including asthma may be helped by stimulating the chest reflex points.


Ranging from menstruation to menopause: PMS, cramping, bloating, irregular cycles, infertility, mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. These issues may be reduced by acupressure to various reflex points.


Problems such as acid reflux, diarrhea or constipation, colitis, Crohn’s disease, nausea and vomiting (including morning sickness). Various reflex points.


Sinus congestion, headaches, body aches, lowered immune response, chest congestion. Sinuses can drain and clear with acupressure applied to the sinus reflex points.


Offers relief for side effects. Depending on conditions various reflex points can be stimulated to assist with relief.


The person’s overall health and stamina can be significantly improved along with helping the person to become more comfortable and relaxed, thus improving the quality of life on a day to day basis by providing standard or charka reflexology treatments.

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Please search the Internet under such queries as Reflexology Research; Reflexology Research Case Studies; Real Reflexology; You Tube and search for Reflexology, and other Reflexology queries in the search engines to gather more detail about Reflexology, and how it may be used to assist with various health conditions.

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