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Reflexology for health

Edward Kaler, M.Sc., C.R.C., C.R.

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor


For all those who have given me testimonials, and the many Reflexology clients over the years who have remarked on how much they enjoyed their treatments I would like to thank you for your warm and affirming comments.

I have been receiving reflexology from Ed for over 2.5 years on a regular basis every two to three weeks. I have neuropathy which causes numbness in both of my feet. When Ed does reflexology on them, they come alive! I can't begin to describe what an incredible gift this is. Ed's hands are like silk. He has such a strong but gentle touch. He does both standard reflexology and chakra work, and any combination of the two. When he does chakra work on my feet, my spirit opens like a flower. Words haven't been invented to describe how magical it feels. Ed's work is beyond relaxing. By the end of the session, I feel so calm it's as though I've had a full body massage. It's like walking on air afterwards.

Besides being a gifted reflexologist, Ed has the kind of spirit that immediately puts me at ease. He is gentle, authentic, respectful, and very grounding. He makes me feel instantly at home, and his magic with reflexology and chakra work makes me forget all my worries.

Kathleen Anderson
ER Social Worker
Cooley-Dickenson Hospital
Northampton, Massachusetts

I looked at your web site and it's really great! Good job! I love how you put so much relevant information into the web site, but not so much that it's overwhelming to look at. Wonderful! I will be happy to send it on to friends who may be interested.

Relaxing – healing—especially on my right foot that had been previously broken. Felt like a warm healing energy.

Jane Chalstrom
Iowa City, Iowa

Excellent, wonderful—felt like I had a massage to my back as well which had been achy and tight all week.

Peg Bouska
Iowa City, Iowa

Receiving a foot reflexology treatment from Ed Kaler is a treat not just for my feet, but for my whole body. Ed's firm yet soothing touch along with the beautiful music he plays and his gentle, caring energy have allowed me to experience a deeply peaceful and relaxed state. I have noticed how the sessions relieve tension not just in my feet but throughout my body. I am a runner and my running is definitely enhanced by reflexology. My joints and muscles feel more relaxed and I am able to run with greater ease on the days after a reflexology treatment.

Rahima Wade
Educational Consultant
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Formerly—Professor of Education

I really like how your website it is so informative! That speaks well to both your professional knowledge and also that you care to educate others about the topic. ...the graphics are terrific!
Incredible! I appreciated so much the deep work on important areas. Just wonderful, valuable work achieved.

Sharon Thomas
Iowa City, Iowa

Very relaxing—wanted it to go on and on....

Rachel Joselson
Iowa City, Iowa

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